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20KHZ Ultrasonic Generator

20KHZ Ultrasonic Generator

所屬:Ultrasonic Generator
  • 產品描述

Introduction of intelligentSD-UG2500 ultrasonic welding generator

The intelligentSD-UG2500 ultrasonic generator of plastic welding machine has the advantages ofcompact structure, simple and elegant appearance, easy operation, flexiblemovement, and easy maintenance. The whole circuit is independently developed byour company. Adopted American TI DSP283 series CPU has the characteristics ofwide frequency tracking range, high frequency tracking accuracy, largeinstantaneous ultrasonic energy output, strong force, fast response, highcontrol accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability.

The Intelligent SD-UG2500 plastic welding machine ultrasonicgenerator changes the input AC220V 50 / 60Hz AC power through the IGBT moduleto amplify the signal to a few thousand volt high voltage AC signal to drivethe transducer to make it at its own resonance frequency resonance vibration.The control module can cut off the ultrasonic output when the ultrasonicgenerator fails, thus providing extremely high security for the ultrasonicequipment generator and the entire welding equipment.

Main features: 

1. Using 4.3-inch touchcolor LCD screen, friendly man-machine interface, easy to set up and savedebugging time

2. Adopt American smartchip DSP283 series chip control, find frequency and track frequency quickly,and have strong anti-interference ability.

3. Long Vibration Wave andpoint control dual mode can be selected

4. Infineon IGBT schemedesign, high power, stable and reliable, long life

5. One-click frequencysearch is convenient and fast

6, Multi-protocol can choose RS485, CAN, can becompatible with fully automatic system

7. Overvoltage andovercurrent protection

8. The chassis is madeof 1.5-thick cold-rolled plate sprayed with plastic, which is durable

9. Automatic frequencyscanning / storage can save the time of each startup and commissioning.

10. Pure coppertransformer has sufficient power and high efficiency

Application field
Ultrasound has a very wide range of applications. Generally, we are familiar with being used in medicine and the military. Among them, the industrial field is also widely used. Such as ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic flaw detection, ultrasonic grinding and polishing; ultrasonic welding is commonly used for welding, rivets, implant molding of engineering plastic products such as nonwoven fabric face mask N95 welding, clothes, ABS, PC, PS, PA, PP, PET, acrylic etc, automotive parts, mobile phone shells, musical instruments , Headphones, chargers, toys, electronic watches, folders, kettles, mobile phone batteries, medical parts, etc.
Standard ultrasonic welding machine Non-woven standard mask machine, SD-UG2500 ultrasonic welding machine Non-woven welding, plastic welding, welding, PVC leather spot welding, ribbon cutting, heat sealing and other multi-functional welding equipment, outer ear tape The mask machine fuses the elastic bands on both sides of the mask body in an ultrasonic manner to complete the finished earband mask. Only one operator needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt fixture, and the rest of the subsequent actions until the finished product is completed The machine operates automatically, and the output of this machine is higher than that of ordinary earband machines.

Main technical parameters of ultrasonic

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